Color Mixing & Layering--Tempera & Oil Pastel

Grade 2 students and some grade 3 students recently finished working on a color mixing and layering learning experience.  For this project, students first participated in a technique lesson where they learned about and practiced mixing secondary colors (orange, green and purple) with tempera paint. On day two of this project, students applied oil pastel designs on top of the dry, day one tempera paintings.

This two day lesson is an example of how I like to structure art learning--students are provided  with a frame or entry point based on skills, processes, tools and materials and then invited to make changes to the entry point using their own ideas.  In this way, students consistently practice the application of skills, processes, tools and materials and use more complex synthesis thinking to change, combine, design, visualize, rearrange and find an unusual way in order to create original and expressive works of art.  

Click here to view Color Mixing & Layering Gallery.

Below is a photo essay of the Color Mixing & Layering Art Learning Experience: