The Insect Inquiry: Oil Pastel Drawings

For the last project of the Insect Inquiry, "Synthesize the Inquiry," half the third and fourth grade classes created a poster. The other third and fourth grade classes created a final oil pastel drawing instead of the poster.

For this assignment, students could draw the insect from observation, memory, imagination or a combination of the three.  I asked them to cover the entire surface of the black paper with oil pastel--including areas that the student planned to leave black (i.e. use black oil pastel on black areas--do not leave the black paper showing.) Finally, students glued their drawings to purple construction paper and added an oil pastel design to make a border.

Below are examples of art students created!


To view a gallery of student oil pastel insects from Ms. Smith's class, click here; for insects from Ms. Epps' class, click here.