The Insect Inquiry: More Observational Drawings

Next in the Insect Inquiry, in preparation for creating an original work of art, students drew a couple more observational sketches of the plastic insect models.

As mentioned in the posts on the warm ups, an important art expectation is that students, if they have time, will fill in the background of their drawings with interesting details and more than three colors.  The background is a great place for me to encourage students to explore using their imaginations to create an environment around the insect. Since the overarching goal of the art class is that students learn & practice skills, techniques and methods and develop their thinking in order to grow in their ability to create original and expressive art, I am always on the lookout for places where students can use their imaginations in tandem with the practice of a technical skill like observational drawing.

The drawings below are examples of observational drawings where students have used their imaginations to incorporate their own ideas into the creation of the background/setting.

Click here to view the map of the Insect Inquiry.