Art & Dance Connections: Line, Shape & Color #1

Why the name etcetera for this blog?  Because there is never enough time in art class to do everything . . . and in art, there is so much to explore!  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

One of those etceteras I wish I could cover in art class is the connection between the visual arts and dance.  A very concrete and visual similarity between artists and dancers are the elements of line, shape and color .

An example in art:

Artists use line, shape and color to create compositions.  Can you find the lines on the right in the student art on the left?

Can you match the lines on the right with the lines in the student art on the left?

An example in dance:

Dancers also use line, shape and color to express themselves in dance.  

Watch the video below and see if you can identify where and how the dancers make lines and shapes in this traditional fan dance from Korea.

Can you also see the dragon, butterflies and flowers?

Every so often I will be posting dance performances I find on YouTube that are interesting examples of the use of line, shape and color.  These posts will be called Art & Dance Connections: LIne, Shape & Color. 

Speaking of dragons, first grade students can look forward to working with dragons after the winter break!  Below are a few dragon mixed media art works from students at Washington School.