Art Expectations & Protocols

How do I know my drawing is done?

  • Use three or more colors*
  • Fill the paper
  • Show details
  • Show the background and the ground/what it is sitting on
  • If outside, show the time of day and the weather
  • If you make a mistake, first try to draw over it or turn it into something else. Next turn the paper over or get a new paper. Never crumple the mistake--just set it aside.
* If using pencil, use light, medium & dark shading

Listening to Teacher Protocol 

  • Silent

  • Looking at teacher
  • Sitting like a student:
    • quiet hands, quiet bodies
    • feet on the floor
    • bottoms on the chair
    • sitting with a listening posture
  • Raise hand to talk

At Work Protocol

  • Quiet voices
  • Raise your hand for help
  • Stay in your seat unless:
    • you are a Table Captain and the teacher has asked you to do a job
    • the teacher said you may get up on your own to get paper or other materials
  • If you hear a signal or you hear the teacher's voice asking for attention:
    • stop
    • do the signal if there is one
    • turn off your voice
    • listen for instructions
  • Share materials & use responsibly
  • Keep hands & feet to yourself
  • Respectful, responsible & thoughtful language